Consumers want LESS AI when talking to organizations

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Consumers want LESS AI when talking to organizations.

Have you been reading about all the PR around the heavy investment into chatbots to automate one-to-one customer interactions?!! Financial institutions have been very vocal lately.

But the bigger question is, how do consumers feel about these experiences?

New research has come out where 2,000 adults were surveyed in the US on the topic of interacting with organisations through “automated communications”.

Of this group 87% engaged with AI powered chatbots. Of this 87%, 70% said there were angry/frustrated not being able to chat to a human.

This research also uncovered, people don’t trust the information coming from AI based interactions.

This sentiment towards AI is worse in other industries: 80% of consumers will not trust AI advice from healthcare organisations and this climbs to 81% for financial institutions.

Organisations around the world need to pump the AI breaks and take inventory on what consumers need.

The trap businesses fall into is thinking, just because the digital channel has the capability to scale one-to-one interactions, does not mean it should be done at every opportunity.

There are key moments in a consumer’s journey where he/she requires a human to interact with. Even if the response is something that human has said 100 times before, that is not the point. The consumer FEELS they had a personal experience.

Click here to see the research.

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