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Greg Randall has worked alongside and driven growth for hundreds of retailers. Greg's specialty is taking the online channel and changing it in a way where it drives more revenue online and also activates business-wide growth.

Greg is a globally recognized thought leader in customer experience design and eCommerce/Digital best practices and has published five books on this subject matter.

What makes Greg unique is his substantial access to data. Greg is a specialist in data analysis and stitching together data from multiple sources to provide a holistic view of the customer, which is then used to drive informed decision-making.

In Greg's 20 years of leading business change, he has analyzed billions of consumer path data sets and interviewed thousands of frontline retail sales and support employees. This has provided Greg with a powerful and accurate perspective of what works and what does not.

The combination of Greg's experiences, the manner in which he uses data to drive decision making, and his industry-leading knowledge in eCommerce/Digital best-practice forms the foundation to how he works with businesses to drive profitable growth.

What others had to say

Testimonial by Catherine Scheider Omni Executive Levi's

"Greg's data-led approach, references best practice and resulted in a an actionable and comprehensive review"

Greg’s depth of knowledge and skill is obvious in his work and his skill set covers not only frontend applications but technical functionality. His approach is data-led, references best practice and resulted for our business in an in-depth and comprehensive review, that was highly actionable.

Catherine Scheider
Omni Executive Levi's
Testimonial by Bridget Harding Head of eCommerce Bed Bath & Beyond

"Greg's expertise in digital strategy and executing change is the reason why we are growing."

Greg’s ability to execute his strategic plan sets him apart from all other consultants. His comprehensive understanding of eCommerce and how eCommerce technology must operate to create amazing online experiences is why the execution of the change project is considered to be a huge success.

Bridget Harding
Head of eCommerce Bed Bath & Beyond
Testimonial by Adam  Senior Executive - Brand and Marketing Pedders Suspension

"Greg Randall has given us a pathway to success"

Greg is an absolute breath of fresh air and really on point on the challenges around our business in the digital space.It is very rare to find such a down-to-earth person that talks the facts and backs up those facts with data. He is so knowledgeable in the space of digital and in the space of eCommerce.Thanks to Greg, we now have a pathway to success.

Senior Executive - Brand and Marketing Pedders Suspension


Greg Randall has worked with organisations of all shapes and sizes all over the world. Greg's experiences span multiple industry types: retail, travel, telcos, insurance, utilities, and finance.

The brands you see here are a small example of who Greg has worked with (and continue to work with). See more of who Greg has worked with.

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Consulting Services

Consulting Services

When Greg works with you, the service is customised to meet the individual needs of your business.

The first step of understanding needs is a free no-obligation meeting so Greg can listen and understand the business vision and better understand where you want to take the business.

Only then can Greg recommend a course of action. Below is a list of common services Greg has completed (and continues to deliver):

  1. Defining Your Digital Future
  2. The RFP process
  3. Digital Audits
  4. Customer Experience Design
  5. The "Business Sanity Check" Engagement
  6. Harnessing the NEW future of SEO
Learn more about Greg's most popular service - Defining Your Digital Future
Published Author

Published Author

Greg is a published author in customer experience design and eCommerce/Digital best practice. See Greg's books.

The best practice books are a culmination of a 5-year research project resulting in a comprehensive guide to success for eCommerce Managers around the world.

There is a science to being successful in eCommerce and Greg has created the bible for it.

Greg is passionate about knowledge sharing which can be seen in the Articles section.

See Greg's Books
About Greg Randall

About Greg Randall

"Comma" comes from the names of Greg's two kids (Cole and Emma). That's it...nice and simple. Greg is all about not over-complicating things. Your digital/eCommerce channel should be no different.

Many agencies work hard to complicate things as a client-locking mechanism. Greg does the opposite.

When you work with Greg, your business will be exposed to international standards and proven methodologies:

  1. Greg has been trained in customer experience design by globally recognised specialists in this field.
  2. Greg has deep knowledge of all world-leading enterprise eCommerce technologies.
  3. Greg regularly writes thought leadership eCommerce/Digital research papers for international publishers.
  4. Greg is internationally recognised as a top-performing practitioner in eCommerce/Digital best practice.

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