About Greg Randall

Dr. Anders Ericsson's research on how to become an expert has proven it takes 10,000 hours to achieve extraordinary performance in a specific discipline.

Greg Randall has over 80,000 hours (and counting) on business transformation, customer experience design and implementing change to improve the performance of digital/eCommerce channels.

These experiences has resulted in Greg writing and publishing 5 books on how to perfect and conquer eCommerce for your business.

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Greg knows retail

Greg grew up in the family retail business, and at the age of 26 took over the management and operations of the entire operation, comprising multiple physical retail store locations and a distribution centre in Canada.

This comprehensive exposure to physical retail provides Greg with a deep appreciation of a retailer pain points in evolving the business in the digital context.

The idea for calling the business "Comma Consulting" came from the names of his children, "Cole" and "Emma". It's that simple, and keeping things simple is Greg's ethos when working with his clients.

Greg's Experiences

Greg's Experiences

In the early 2000's, Greg founded an eCommerce/Digital agency where all aspects of retail success was offered in-house: strategic planning, customer experience design, eCommerce development, digital marketing, and ongoing consulting.

Greg conducted all strategic activities, and managed project implementation for every client.

Greg partnered with the top customer experience design specialists in the world (based in the US), and embedded this globally proven methodology into everything he did.

These experiences has resulted in Greg's deep understanding of enterprise eCommerce technology and how it is supposed to enable retail strategy.

Greg Randall's Skills and Experiences - the detail

1. The focus of Greg's full-service eCommerce/Digital agency was strategic planning, project management, eCommerce development, digital customer acquisition, user experience design, and continuous improvement disciplines post live.

2. Greg was responsible for all strategy creation and directly managed the implementation of all plans.

3. Once all plans went live, Greg would conduct measurement disciplines to ensure outcomes aligned to business goals. Huge learning came from this process of auditing the plan to actual outcomes.

4. Greg has deep experiences in auditing site performance, through the use of behavioural analytical tools and making recommendations on how to improve performance based on insights from data. Greg has been using Google Analytics as a tool to drive decision making for over 15 years, even before it was acquired by Google (previously known as Urchin).

5. Greg sold his Agency in 2009 and became an independent consultant solely focussing on business transformation, digital strategy and customer experience design. Comma Consulting was created.

This move enabled Greg to collaborate with best of breed technology solutions and vendors globally to deliver the ideal solution for clients.

6. Greg writes thought leadership content for Econsultancy (large publisher in Europe) and Power Retail (Australian digital retail publisher).

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7. Greg is a published author on best practice eCommerce/digital conduct and on customer experience design principles.

8. Greg's subject matter expertise in customer experience design has come from working alongside and collaborating with the known top experience design strategists in the world. Their clients include Amazon.com, Google, Zappos, Dell and many of the top retailers in the world.