About Greg Randall

Dr Anders Ericsson's research on how to become an expert has proven it takes 10,000 hours to achieve extraordinary performance in a specific discipline.

Greg Randall has over 50,000 hours (and counting) on business transformation, customer experience design and implementing change to improve the performance of eCommerce channels. Greg has been doing this for over 20 years.

These experiences have resulted in Greg publishing 5 eCommerce business books on how to conquer the eCommerce channel.

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Greg knows retail

Greg grew up in the family retail business, and at the age of 26 took over the management and operations of the entire organisation which comprised multiple physical retail store locations and a distribution centre based in Canada.

This comprehensive exposure to physical retail provides Greg with a deep appreciation of a retailer's pain points in evolving the business in the eCommerce context.

The idea for calling the business "Comma Consulting" came from the names of his children, "Cole" and "Emma": "Comma". It's that simple, and keeping things simple is Greg's ethos when working with his clients. While many agencies try to confuse their clients, Greg does the opposite by demystifying the eCommerce channel for the C-Suite.

Greg's Experiences

Greg's Experiences

In the early 2000's, Greg founded an eCommerce/Digital Agency where all aspects of retail success was offered in-house: strategic planning, customer experience design planning, design, development, digital marketing, and ongoing strategic planning.

This Agency was the first full-service eCommerce/Digital agency of its kind.

Greg partnered with the top customer experience design specialists in the world (based in the US). From this collaboration, Greg created a proven methodology that is now embedded into everything he does with clients.

These experiences in driving a successful full service eCommerce Agency (back in the early days) combined with the collaboration of the top practitioners around the world, has given Greg unique experiences that no one in this part of the world can match.

These foundational experiences is why Greg continuously delivers success to all his clients.

The future is collaboration

In 2010, Greg sold his eCommerce Agency to become a company of 1 intentionally. This change allows Greg to better collaborate with his business clients, embed himself into their business to accurately define what the business needs in an eCommerce solution.

Only once this becomes clear to the business, Greg then sits with the business to assess and select the perfect fit-for-purpose eCommerce Platform and eCommerce Agency to collaborate with.

This level of collaboration has been proven by research as the ideal method to produce the right eCommerce channel that is known to drive business-wide growth.