Consumers consider re targeting ads as being “creepy”

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Consumers consider retargeting ads as being “creepy”. In a world where consumers are being asked for more personal information, their consciousness of being monitored and/or digitally followed is higher now more than ever.

As a result, organisations need to be aware of the impacts being made with all acquisition and retention tactics.

One great example of an acquisition tactic literally being turned on and left to run amok are retargeting ads.

Research was done where consumers rate the digital conduct of retailers. Those who are aggressive in retargeting were classified as being “creepy”.

Is this how you want your brand to be perceived?

When asked what consumers thought of this banner content continually displaying, 46% said they disliked this content with 29% saying the strongly dislike it (see graph below).

Those applying these ads need to work closely with their agency and apply strict rules around the application of this ad type as well as to the extent it is to display.

The solution?

Work with your agency to produce detailed and accurate data to show what is and what is not working in retargeting. When you drill down on these campaigns, it is common to find a lot of wasted spend.

It will be this waste that will be contributing to the “creepy” vibes.

Caution needs to be applied with greater cognizance around the potential brand damage occurring behind the scenes.

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