40% of all smartphone sessions are under 20 seconds

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New research from Stanford University and Apple have found a high percentage of sessions are extremely short. The research confirms where this trend is coming from...

    • Checking APP notifications
    • Quickly checking email
    • Growth in "near me" searches
    • Bad experiences

    What does this mean for organisations who want to capitalise and drive engagement on small screens?

    1. Understand existing customers:

    Satisfying existing customers takes gets you closer to satisfying a new target consumer. They want the same things.

    2. Engagement starts with relevancy:

    Engagement ends abruptly when consumers are presented with content that does not align to his/her need.

    3. Simplify engagement:

    If consumer cannot understand how to engage with good content, the session will end quickly: create intuitive experiences.

    (Points 1, 2, and 3 MUST work together)

    4. Be ready for "near me" moments:

    Consumers are looking for your physical locations. Google confirms a 900% growth in this search behaviour in the last 2 years. Be visible in that moment.

    Don't over engineer smartphone experiences. Nail points 1 to 4 and you will be winning.

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