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eCommerce/Digital Consulting Services

eCommerce/Digital consulting services focuses on the improvement of all eCommerce and business activities supporting the digital channel.

Greg defines where you are currently in your eCommerce/digital conduct in the context of how well or how poorly you treat your customers.

Then a clear picture is articulated around how the digital channel needs to look and behave in order for it to deliver on business strategy (and growth goals).

Once this gap is identified, phases of work are defined to help the business incrementally change and get closer to meeting goals.

These phases of work (and change) are structured in small bite-sized chunks and set up to implement all the high business impact work first.

This proves the concept and delivers ROI quickly.

As the wins (and ROI) grows, so too does business confidence in the process.

Benefits of using Greg Randall

Benefits of using Greg Randall

Greg Randall wraps best practice around your business strengths and incorporates learnings from your data to build a unique robust strategic direction.

Greg knows best practice and is a published author on this subject matter.

Greg Randall holds no loyalty to specific eCommerce technologies and to digital agencies who offer digital services (such as SEM). All solutions that are recommended are what's best for the client.

This is why clients think of Greg as their very own "Digital Bodyguard".

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With Greg you get RESULTS

Greg Randall's specialty is in execution. Any consultant can read a blog, learn the buzzwords and create a series of recommendations. However, the true value comes in the the ability to create a plan and bring it to life.

The fact Greg has personally delivered hundreds of successful eCommerce/Digital projects proves he can execute.

When Greg is given the control of plan creation and execution, on average, online sales grow by 30% to 70% on average.

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What others had to say

Testimonial by Mark Jenner Head of Digital at Telecom/Spark

"Simply outstanding!"

His analysis was thorough, insights penetrating and recommendations accurate, actionable and pragmatic.

Mark Jenner
Head of Digital at Telecom/Spark
Testimonial by Rod McDermott CEO at Farmers Trading Company

"Big reason for our success!"

Greg Randall was a key part of the Farmers digital transformation. Greg provided guidance for myself and the executive team on how to take our retail strategy and translate it to the digital channel. Greg's deep knowledge of digital best practice and how to deliver great online experiences is a big reason for our success.

Rod McDermott
CEO at Farmers Trading Company
Testimonial by Angela Lee Digital & Social Media Manager at Swanndri

"Key to our new success!"

Greg's ability to implement his strategic plan has been the key to our new success in the digital channel.

Angela Lee
Digital & Social Media Manager at Swanndri