Amazon is not your ally - introducing 66 new labels in the last 2 years

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Amazon introduced 66 new "Amazon-owned" labels between 2017 and 2018: a quick reminder this retail behemoth is not your ally.

Amazon continues to promote its platform as a key channel for retailer growth.

Everyone knows Amazon has its own agenda, but here is more proof.

The graph below confirms the number of "Amazon-owned labels" they introduced since 2009 into their own site.

  1. 3 new labels introduced during 2009-2013
  2. Nothing in 2010-2013
  3. 11 new labels in 2014 to 2016
  4. 66 NEW LABELS introduced in 2017/2018

What does this mean? Amazon is taking the sales data from other retailers who sell product through the platform and learn what garment/product types are working. Amazon then introduces their own version of the same.

It gets worse....

Once an "Amazon-owned" label is live and consumers search for these product types, the Amazon products are featured in the search results.

If you struggle with this truth, have a look at the screenshot below showing what the search results look like when consumers search for "batteries" on

What does this mean to you? Don't rely on Amazon for growth and strategically take control of your acquisistion and retention (loyalty) activities.

You need someone like Greg Randall to lead change and take your reliance off of this global threat.

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