Digital Audits

Retailers who have a “gut feeling” their digital conduct or eCommerce technology is insufficient are usually correct.

In order to build a business case for change, factual information must be collected and presented to decision makers. This is what a digital audit delivers.

Greg Randall delivers a factual account of all the non performing elements of the entire digital channel (for example... eCommerce technology, architecture, digital vendor conduct and services, acquisition strategy (SEM) mobile, social conduct).

These facts and recommendations are presented in "business speak" so decision makers can understand the impacts on the business and make informed decisions.

Digital Audit Deliverables

Below are list of deliverables coming from audits delivered by Greg Randall:

  1. Proof the architecture is capable to deliver the strategy set out by the retailer.
  2. If the news is not good, the audit becomes a business case proving the inadequacies cannot be overcome by applying "band-aid" or best practice solutions.
  3. For all shortcomings, there are recommendations on how to correct.
  4. Ranking of priorities from most important to least. The audit defines issues delivering high negative impact to the business.

Regardless of whether the news is good or bad, the audit delivers value.