​What motivates people to promote a brand online?

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What motivates people to promote a brand online? A question I am continually asked by executives! Warning: having the cheapest prices is NOT a motivator.

New research has come forward showing what is required to drive brand advocacy (see top 5 below).

Creating great products (#1) is self-explanatory. However, what is of high interest are the four other top motivators: they are all EXPERIENCE RELATED!

Also notice how having the cheapest prices is not listed at all!!!

Receiving great customer service is also important to call out (#4).

An initial experience may not have gone well, but the manner in which a brand serviced a customer to rectify an issue has resulted in a closer connection between the customer and brand.

This is significant, in my experiences in leading business transformations, one of the most commonly under resourced departments in Australia and NZ is customer support.

If you want to drive brand advocacy, take a long hard look at these top five motivators and see how you rank on each.

And for those who still see customer service as a cost just remember this...people buy from who they like.

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