Video as a part of your Content Marketing Strategy - its not as hard to create as you think

In order to truly grow and build a positive user experience and consumer engagement, content must be developed. When developing strategic content marketing plans for client's video is always part of the mix.

There are two forms of content marketing: site content and dynamic content.

Site content is directly part of the consumer information gathering and buying process. It is still considered “content marketing” because it will be promoted through the blog, social channels, and email marketing, but its primary purpose is to build the user experienceon the site.

“Dynamic” content marketing sits outside of the website and will constantly be changing in format. One week it could be an image; the next week it could be a 30 second video, the week after it's an article.

The purpose of dynamic content is to align to the target markets interests, to promote community engagement, create brand buzz amongst the community, and develop conversations between the community and the retailer.

All businesses have two primary long-term strategies: acquisition and retention. Acquisition is the acquiring of new customers to build the database, and retention is the function of engaging with the database (community) with the hopes they remain loyal and purchase again.

The content marketing is the foundation of retention strategy.

Clients always become incredibly concerned with the development of video content. What clients fail to realise is these videos do not need to be perfect productions. In fact the rougher the better, and the simpler the better. Making mistakes is fun, and will promote shares.

Video site content can simply be a video of a model walking in clothes, while someone is talking about the garment in the background. All you need is a camera and a bright room to start. Keep things simple!

Clients cannot fathom the concept of creating video that either merchandises the product (site content) or is a topic of interest for the community (dynamic).

So I put my money where my mouth is and created my own video. This was a wedding present to my beautiful wife, and was shot at different locations throughout Auckland that has meaning to both her and myself.

Other than me looking like a goof, the point is this 3.5 minute video was created in one day, and it was completely filmed and edited by my 17 year old daughter on her iPhone 4!!

I will not be winning any awards but you can begin to understand the power and impact this type of content would have if it was on a product and loaded onto a product detail page.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, how many words for a video?

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