The Power of Landing pages and how they can grow sales

I have recently written an article for the clever team at Storbie. This company has spent years creating a self serve eCommerce shopping cart that costs nothing to build, but once you put the site live you pay a small monthly fee. Check them out

The Smallfish team asked me to write an article on Landing pages which they can post on their blog.

The article talks about how the use of landing pages is a critical part of any acquisition strategy and must be used in conjunction with adwords.

Landing pages build relevancy to adwords campaigns and in doing so also drives your organic rankings in Google. The by product of this approach is your developing content around demand relating to your products and services.

This approach becomes the foundation of your content marketing plan and SEO strategy, diminishing the need for "SEO specialists".

This approach also directly aligns to Google's requirements of best practice adwords thus building your Quality Score, a crucial element assisting in the gradual reduction of your cost per click and building prominence of your paid ads over your competitors.

The proper use of landing pages develops competitive advantage.

Read the full version of the article here.

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