The power and importance of "Narrative Matching"

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This week's "Thought Provoker" is about the power and importance of a principle I call "Narrative Matching". Attention Business Leaders, when it comes to driving growth via your online channel you are not in the business of selling products/services.

You are in the business of MATCHING NARRATIVES: a consumer's narrative to your own.

You will never achieve engagement if what you say, does not match what consumers expect to read/see/watch/hear.

Engagement = Buying

This is why price-driven retailers convert consumers in late stage buying only. They have only one narrative - cheap prices.

You do not need to get caught up in the guesswork behind what people look like in various stages of buying.

Let consumers define their stage for themselves, it's impossible to guess/predict.

Instead of focussing on different buying stages, look at them as different narratives you must align too.

Why? Because consumers will have a unique narrative based on where they are at with information gathering and decision making.

This is why the principle of "Listening" is so important ("listening" = data).

"Listening" (through data) is the ONLY way to learn/understand the various narratives that mean the most to your target consumer.

Only then can you construct and prepare your narratives.

This principle of "Narrative Matching" is part of the larger "Customer Experience Design" planning process.

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