​Google has proof consumers are becoming more "impatient"

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Google has proof consumers are becoming more "impatient".

Google has released new data indicating consumers are more impatient now than ever before.

Some of the data (over a period of 24 months on smartphone screens only)...

  1. 200% increase in mobile searches for "open now" and "near me" searches - consumers are looking for store locations
  2. "Can I buy in store" queries are 6 times greater (these consumers are looking to check in store stock availability of products)
  3. 400% increase in customer support "I need help" queries

To better understand the context of these amplified behaviours, organisations need to unpack the term "impatient" which Google uses.

This data doesn't suggest impatience, it represents a substantial drop in tolerance for poor retail experiences (both online and off).

These consumer behaviours are a reflection and by-product of the low standard of retailer conduct and the absence of retailers nailing the basics in best practice customer experience design principles.

If you are seeing the types of behaviours (shown above) in your consumers (specifically the "I need help" queries), take a hard look at the experiences you are delivering.

An increase in "I need help" says consumers need more info before buying from you.

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