Walmart - bringing physical and digital retail together

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Walmart - a great example of physical and digital retail coming together.

There are many US retailers working to bolster their toy ranges to fill the gap brought on by the collapse of Toys R Us.

One example is Walmart who introduced a "National Play Day" in 1,500 of their store locations allowing kids to play with the most popular toys of 2018 thus far.

In conjunction with this launch, Walmart created a digital "Toy Lab" on the Walmart site allowing kids to see those same toys online and engage with new content on these toys.

The kids in the store were prompted to save their favourite toys into a digital "Toy Box" (similar to a wishlist) which they could send to parents and grandparents.

This "Toy lab" with its "Toy Box" functionality was introduced in store (employees helped the families), but was made available to everyone online.

This is why Walmart continues to grow in a retail environment dominated by Amazon.

Regardless of Walmart's size, this is a lesson all retailers should heed. Recognise what value driven experiences you can deliver in store then connect and translate it into the digital context so it can be amplified.

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