Use paid search to promote your loyalty benefits

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Do you have a loyalty program full of benefits making customers happy? Are you now at the point where you want to drive the volume of memberships? Try paid search.

Retailers who are winning ("winning" = driving repeat purchasing behaviors) have two things in common....

  1. They have worked hard to develop great loyalty programs comprising a mix of discounts/savings, and meaningful value add experiences
  2. They are becoming smarter in HOW THEY PROMOTE these programs to entice new customers to enrol

Better leveraging paid search and calling out loyalty benefits within ad copy, is proving successful.

DSW (Designer Shoe Warehouse) (see example below) callout monetary savings when becoming a member in their ad copy.

Think about how this can potentially influence a consumer's decision making when in the early to mid stage buying!

DSW is also injecting this ad copy across a series of non branded keyword terms for this reason.

Nordstrom still promotes its loyalty club (see below) but it is less specific about the program. However, due to their brand equity, they get away with it.

The takeaway here is, don't rely on your physical stores to build the loyalty customer base, look to paid search to get the word out.

At the very least, trial it, test it and analyse the data to determine the impacts.

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