Instead of offering “FAST” shipping, offer “GREEN” shipping.

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Instead of offering “FAST” shipping, offer “GREEN” shipping.

Retailers are obsessed with changing their business systems and logistical networks to offer same day or next day shipping because they think consumers want these options.

But what happens if the consumer understood the environmental damage they are contributing to when selecting next day shipping?

The UPS Director of Global Sustainability says: “Time in transit has a direct impact on the environment. The more time we are allowed to deliver a package, the more efficient we can be”.

Faster delivery options increase dependencies on aircraft to be involved.

“Aircraft is 8x more energy intensive than a truck”. And on top of this, faster shipping options results in trucks making deliveries that are only HALF FULL, resulting in more trucks on the road, more fuel emissions etc…

The solution??

Offer “GREEN” shipping solution. At the checkout when offering the delivery options, show the consumer a slower shipping option but communicate the positive environmental impacts of this choice!

A study was done on this and found 52% of consumers who intended on choosing a fast delivery option changed their minds once they saw the impacts.

Another option is to change your packaging to the colour green if consumers choose the GREEN option. This becomes a good feeling tactic for the customer once they receive the package, almost like a badge of honor.

Change “fast” to “green” and you will be seen as a retailer who cares about the environment.

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