Fashion apparel searches are never a "one-size-fits-all"

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Fashion apparel searches are never a "one-size-fits-all". 45% of dress searches contain a reference to an event.

This research from Google explains why fashion retailers need to be in tune with consumer sentiment if a business wants to ramp up its acquisition strategies.

How can this insight add value to fashion retailers?

When retailers have dress categories (for example) and want to ramp up their paid search efforts, new content needs to be created to satisfy these unique needs.

For example, send consumers who want a "formal dress" to a section of your site where special content is created to align to this buying need....

  1. Pics of women in your garments in an event (show in application)
  2. Introduce content aligning to the anxieties of women purchasing a formal dress (bolster the size guide content, introduce alteration services content)
  3. Buying for an event means delivery dates become an important consideration so be clear on delivery options and arrival dates

If you don't approach your customer acquisition strategy in this way you will suffer from diminishing returns in your paid search investment!

The positive side-effect of this effort is, the content you create contributes to your SEO strategy for that same audience.

Step 1. Work with an experience design strategist to help guide the treatment of this experience

Step 2. Define the consumer sentiment you want to target

Step 3. Construct the content needed to satisfy this need

Step 4. Have the experience design strategist take the content and work with your eCommerce vendor to bring the experience to life

Step 5. Create a visibility strategy which has the business visible for this demand

Step 6. Measure and monitor performance and make changes as per the data

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