Consumers want to engage with companies they "know and trust" - 3 tips to drive engagement

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Consumers are looking to engage with companies they "know and trust" while in self-isolation.

A retail brand may respond with silence while their business is temporarily shut down, but new data proves customers want to hear from you.

New research has proven the following...

  1. 43% of consumers find it "reassuring" to hear from brands they "know and trust"
  2. 40% want to know how companies are responding
  3. Just 15% do not want to hear from companies

There are three tips to help with your communication style to drive engagement...

Tip 1 Essential Messages

"Essential" messages communicate change in the company THAT AFFECT THE CUSTOMER. These are priority. Less essential messages (promotions) are fine but be careful how these are presented.

Nike recently launched a sale offering 25% off of everything (which they never do) and said it was to help those struggling with isolation, resulting in a hypocritical backlash.

Tip 2. Segment!

During this time of crisis, customers want to feel like you understand what they are going through. Sending single email messages to a mass audience does not achieve this. Retailers will have customers who have recently purchased, those who have not, and they may know their "fans". This is a simple and clean method to segment.

Tip 3 Don't rely on email

Customers are being bombarded with emails at this time. They are receiving notifications from news publications, updates from the Government, and many other retailers are slamming customers with generic messages and campaigns.

Though people are off work, their inboxes has never been fuller.

To get the message through, find alternatives to get your word out...

  1. Social
  2. SMS
  3. Create dedicated content on dedicated pages on your site and prominently positioned so consumers can't miss it
  4. Inform the call center team of the updates so they can pass it on while on incoming calls

Don't overcomplicate things at this time - progress not perfection! But remember, progress is only being made when you are adding value to your customer.

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