Consumers are searching for retailer's product when in store

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When consumers are in store and grab their smartphone, they are more likely to be searching for that retailer’s product: Google states “there are 6 times more Google searches for that retailer than for ‘amazon’ searches when consumers engage with their smartphones in store”.

They are looking to be educated on products and services. While the assumption is consumers are on their phones looking at a competitor, this is not necessarily the case.

This also provides insight into one of the methods to compete against the online juggernauts such as Amazon: creating seamless physical/digital retail experiences.

  1. How strong is your product content online?
  2. Can the online content answer all the questions consumers have while they are in store in the absence of a store employee?
  3. Does a retailer even know what those questions are?
  4. How strong is your smartphone experiences?
  5. Can consumers easily engage with content and functionality on the small screen?

These are the question retailers need to be asking themselves and resolving to capitalise on these consumer behaviours.

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