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The top performing online retailers around the world all have one thing in common.....they fill their product detail pages full of content to address every information gathering need of the consumer.

A typical product detail page comprises over 30 different content/functional elements bringing many challenges.

What is the ideal layout for this page type on smartphone screens and what does the content/functional hierarchy need to look like?

How best can these product page elements be presented to deliver impact? For example, what is the best practice presentation of product variations (such as size and colour) and should these be treated differently on smartphone screens?

This fourth book answers all of the above and more. Learn how product pages should develop a content recipe mirroring the old tried-and-tested infomercials which have been perfected over decades of research in prompting consumer buying behaviour.

If you ever had a doubt as to what your product detail page needs to look like to drive more sales, this fourth book gives you all the answers.

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