eCommerce/Digital Consulting Services

For the digital/eCommerce channel to be successful and add value to the wider business requires many moving parts working harmoniously together.

To add value, an eCommerce/Digital consultant needs the breadth and depth of knowledge in strategic planning, customer experience design, data mining, digital retention/acquisition, and best practice.

Greg Randall has a deep understanding in all the above. However, no plan is of value unless it can be brought to life to a high standard.

Greg has 20 years of experience bringing strategic plans to life.

Though every service Greg offers is customized to each of his clients, below is a summary of the most common services offered...

eCommerce Consulting

eCommerce consulting services helps retailers understand what their online channel needs to look and behave like in order for the revenue performance to climb.

Greg has no loyalty to eCommerce technologies. His loyalty is to his clients first and foremost and always approaches consulting and change recommendations in the context of what's best for the business.

Greg is your "Digital Bodyguard".

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Customer Experience Design

Greg Randall helps retailers align the way they sell to a manner in which consumers want to engage, information gather and purchase.

The closer the process of retailer selling is to consumer information gathering, the more the retail meets consumer expectation and sells product.

Greg has developed a robust customer experience design methodology from working with hundreds of retailers over 20 years and collaborating with the top experience design brains in the world. He explains the customer experience design methodology, how it works and why it works.

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Managing the RFP process

The RFP (request for proposal) process used to select technology vendors can be a complicated and high risk event if the wrong selection is made.

The days of creating functionality lists as a method to pick a vendor are over. There are so many more considerations that must be made.

Greg Randall manages this process and becomes the "interpreter" between the business and the potential vendors.

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Auditing Digital Architecture and Business Conduct

Retailers who have a “gut feeling” their digital conduct and/or eCommerce technology is insufficient are usually correct. However, they struggle is to embark on a process which factually proves this to be true.

Greg knows what this process needs to look like in order to develop the business case to present to executive teams.

Greg also knows how to translate this process into "business speak" so executive teams can easily understand the issues, the gaps, and the upside if change is invested in properly.

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Testimonial by Angela Lee Digital & Social Media Manager at Swanndri

"Key to our new success!"

Greg's ability to implement his strategic plan has been the key to our new success in the digital channel.

Angela Lee
Digital & Social Media Manager at Swanndri
Testimonial by Jeremy Krause Chief Innovation and Disruption Officer Global Retail Brands

"Greg researches issues, articulates a plan and executes with efficiency, making him in a class of his own"

Greg is the ultimate superhero when it comes to understanding the world of e-commerce. His rigorous ability to research the issue, articulate a plan and execute with timeless efficiency makes him in a class of his own.Greg's detailed strategic review empowered the business to implement quick wins and determine a priority list to take our offering to the next level. His professionalism and global experience backed by the data, allowed us to set realistic goals measurable by a solid ROI.

Jeremy Krause
Chief Innovation and Disruption Officer Global Retail Brands
Testimonial by Catherine Scheider Omni Executive Levi's

"Greg's data-led approach, references best practice and resulted in a an actionable and comprehensive review"

Greg’s depth of knowledge and skill is obvious in his work and his skill set covers not only frontend applications but technical functionality. His approach is data-led, references best practice and resulted for our business in an in-depth and comprehensive review, that was highly actionable.

Catherine Scheider
Omni Executive Levi's