eCommerce/Digital Consulting Services

For the online channel to be successful and add value to the wider business requires many moving parts working harmoniously together.

To add value, an eCommerce/Digital consultant needs the breadth and depth of knowledge in strategic planning, customer experience design, customer acquisition, data mining, retention, and best practice.

Greg Randall has a deep understanding of all the above. Also, a consultant must be able to bring the plan to life to a high standard.

Greg has 20 years of experience bringing strategic plans to life.

Though every service Greg offers is customized to each of his clients, below is a summary of the most common services offered...

Most Popular Digital Consulting Services

The following are examples of services conducted by Greg Randall:

  1. eCommerce/Digital consulting
  2. Managing the RFP (request for proposal) process
  3. Auditing digital infrastructure and conduct
  4. Customer experience design
  5. Omnichannel retail strategy (bringing digital and retail together)
  6. Magento eCommerce consulting
  7. Creation of a full business/digital strategy

Full digital strategy creation encompasses the first five services above. If you are interested in this service offering give Greg a call now on 021 760 227 to organise an initial meeting.

eCommerce Consulting

eCommerce consulting services consist of providing retailers a view of what their business would look like if they wanted to improve their eCommerce performance.

Greg has no loyalty to eCommerce and other technologies. Greg always comes at what success needs to look and behave like from the perspective of what's best for the organisation he is working with.

Greg's loyalty is to you and the needs of your business.

Greg is your "Digital Bodyguard".

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Customer Experience Design

Greg Randall helps retailers align the way they sell to a manner in which consumers want to information gather and purchase.

The closer these two are aligned, the greater the experience becomes for the consumer, and the more sales the retailer will make.

Greg explains the customer experience design methodology he created and shows how it works and why it works.

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Managing the RFP process

The RFP (request for proposal) process used to select technology vendors and service providers can be a complicated and high risk event if the wrong selection is made.

Greg Randall manages this process and becomes the "interpreter" between you and the vendors.

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Auditing Digital Architecture and Business Conduct

Retailers who have a “gut feeling” their digital conduct and/or eCommerce technology is insufficient are usually correct.

To build a business case for change requires factual information presented to decision makers.

Greg Randall’s experience in best practice enables the factual delivery of all non performing elements of digital and translated in "business speak" so the executive team can understand the issues and gaps in achieving success for the channel.

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Testimonial by Mark Jenner Head of Digital at Telecom/Spark

"Simply outstanding!"

His analysis was thorough, insights penetrating and recommendations accurate, actionable and pragmatic.

Mark Jenner
Head of Digital at Telecom/Spark
Testimonial by Rod McDermott CEO at Farmers Trading Company

"Big reason for our success!"

Greg Randall was a key part of the Farmers digital transformation. Greg provided guidance for myself and the executive team on how to take our retail strategy and translate it to the digital channel. Greg's deep knowledge of digital best practice and how to deliver great online experiences is a big reason for our success.

Rod McDermott
CEO at Farmers Trading Company
Testimonial by Angela Lee Digital & Social Media Manager at Swanndri

"Key to our new success!"

Greg's ability to implement his strategic plan has been the key to our new success in the digital channel.

Angela Lee
Digital & Social Media Manager at Swanndri