eCommerce Audits

Retailers who have a “gut feeling” their eCommerce channel is insufficient and/or underperforming are normally correct.

In order to build a business case for change, factual information must be collected and presented to decision makers. This is what an eCommerce Audit delivers.

Greg Randall delivers a factual account of all the non performing elements of the entire eCommerce channel (for example... eCommerce Platfrom assessment, architecture or eCommerce ecosystem set up, eCommerce Agency conduct, acquisition activities).

These facts and recommendations are presented in "business speak" so decision makers can understand how the non performing aspects of the eCommerce channel is impacting the business.

eCommerce Audit Deliverables

Below is an example of what is delivered when an audit is conducted...

  1. Proof the eCommerce Platform is either fit or not fit for purpose.
  2. A summary of what's missing in the eCommerce ecosystem.
  3. An explanation of specific issues.
  4. If these issues can be overcome, recommendations are given.
  5. If the issues cannot be overcome, impacts to the business are defined to show what will happen if this issue remains.
  6. Ranking of the priority fixes from most important to least. The top priorities are those that will deliver maximum impact to revenue increases if the right change is applied.

Regardless of whether the news is good or bad, the eCommerce Audit delivers value.