Defining Your eCommerce Future

Defining Your eCommerce Future

You are struggling to make decisions around how to invest in your eCommerce Channel for the following reasons...

  1. You are not sure what the experiences need to look like to drive engagement.
  2. You are not sure what the eCommerce priorities are to assist with a focussed investment plan.
  3. You are not sure what eCommerce Platform is the best fit for your business.
  4. You are not sure what other technologies need to be introduced (such as Marketing Automation).

Does this sound like you?

You are not alone. In fact, 90% of businesses around the world suffer the same problems.

The anxiety that comes from change in the eCommerce channel stems from the absence of Strategic Planning that must first happen.

This planning process needs to define (in normal business language) what the eCommerce channel must look and behave like in order to support and amplify business wide strategies.

Why is this important?

Research proves, the closer the eCommerce channel is to aligning to business strategy, the greater value it adds across the entire business.

For example, the business has weaknesses which can be eliminated with the right treatment of the eCommerce channel. But this only happens if a strategic approach to planning happens first!

This is what Greg Randall's Strategic Planning process gives you. A clear and concise commentary of what your eCommerce Channel needs to look and behave like to drive business wide growth.

You don't know what you don't know

You don't know what you don't know

To help the executive team gain an understanding of what they need to know to drive the eCommerce channel, there is a science to planning which defines two things....

  1. How and why the online channel is performing at its level today
  2. What the online channel (and supporting systems) need to look like to reach future targets

This Strategic Planning defines the gaps between how and why the eCommerce channel is performing today vs how it needs to look and behave in the future.

Remember the old saying "you don't know what you don't know". This process allows executives to "know what they don't know".

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The priorities become clear

The outcome of this planning process is a document defining the eCommerce channel future and clarity around the "low hanging fruit" short term priorities.

And because much of this planning relies on your business data, ROI calculations are created articulating predicted revenue lifts that can be achieved if the short term priorities are activated.

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Why is the methodology so effective?

None of the recommendations that come from this process is "Greg's" personal views. This process is a comprehensive "Customer Listening Device".

This methodology is designed to listen intently to two groups...

  1. The business' customer (this drives retention activities)
  2. The target prospect or target consumer a business wants to acquire in the future (this drives acquisition)

To activate the "listening disciplines" core to this methodology requires multiple sources of data.

Some examples...

1. Behavioural Analytics (like Google Analytics) to uncover performance issues and understand "What" is happening.

2. Consumer demand research to understand what the market wants and needs.

3. One-on-one interviews with front-line sales staff and support teams to understand the customer/consumer pain points at that moment when he/she has buying intent.

4. The analysis of Live Chat conversations, social interactions, incoming emails.

This perfect blend of qualitative and quantitative data sets provides clarity as to every issue, why it's happening, and what needs fixing.

Understand why direct one-on-one interviews with customers do not work.

There are two other sources of information that inform the outputs in the final document:

Business Strategy:

What does the Executive team and the Board want the business to look like in the future to reach targets?

This strategic context influences decision making and prioritization of how the eCommerce channel must evolve.

eCommerce/Digital best practice:

How can all these changes be applied so they work effectively?

eCommerce Best Practice is the glue that binds everything together. If best practice is not embedded in all recommendations, none of the changes will come to life in a way that will add business value.

Greg Randall has authored 5 books on eCommerce/Digital best practices.

Interested in learning more about this planning process? Call Greg on mobile 0477 723 474 or email now.

What others had to say

Testimonial by Catherine Scheider Omni Executive Levi's

"Greg's data-led approach, references best practice and resulted in a an actionable and comprehensive review"

Greg’s approach to coaching was enhanced by his depth of knowledge in eCommerce. His skill set covers not only frontend applications but also technical functionality. His approach is data-led, references best practice and resulted for our business in an in-depth and comprehensive review, that was highly actionable.

Catherine Scheider
Omni Executive Levi's
Testimonial by Jeremy Krause Chief Innovation and Disruption Officer Global Retail Brands

"Greg researches issues, articulates a plan and executes with efficiency, making him in a class of his own"

Greg is the ultimate superhero when it comes to understanding the world of e-commerce. His rigorous ability to research the issue, articulate a plan and execute with timeless efficiency makes him in a class of his own.Greg's detailed strategic review empowered the business to implement quick wins and determine a priority list to take our offering to the next level. His professionalism and global experience backed by the data, allowed us to set realistic goals measurable by a solid ROI.

Jeremy Krause
Chief Innovation and Disruption Officer Global Retail Brands
Testimonial by Bridget Harding Head of eCommerce Bed Bath & Beyond

"Greg's expertise in digital strategy and executing change is the reason why we are growing."

Greg’s ability to execute his strategic plan sets him apart from all other consultants. His comprehensive understanding of eCommerce and how eCommerce technology must operate to create amazing online experiences is why the execution of the change project is considered to be a huge success.

Bridget Harding
Head of eCommerce Bed Bath & Beyond