Defining Your Digital/eCommerce Future

Defining Your Digital Future

From working and collaborating with the top customer experience design practitioners in the World and leading strategic change for the last 20 years Greg Randall has developed a potent and proven methodology to help businesses understand what the future of their Digital/eCommerce needs to look like and behave like.

But why is this methodology so effective and why has it worked for every business that brings in Greg to activate this methodology on their business?

This methodology delivers two things:

  1. Business executives all of a sudden "know what they don't know".
  2. All priorities in terms of investing and focus effort become crystal clear.

Read more on both below.

You don't know what you don't know

You don't know what you don't know

To help the executive team gain an understanding of what they need to know to drive the online channel, this methodology uncovers and defines two things....

  1. How and why the online channel is performing at its level today
  2. What the online channel (and supporting systems) need to look like to reach future targets

The methodology delivers a clear explanation (written in a normal non-technical language) on the gap between how the online channel is performing today vs how it needs to look and behave in the future.

This gap analysis is done from the perspective of their existing customers and target consumer.

Remember the old saying "you don't know what you don't know". This process allows executives to "know what they don't know".

This is powerful because it's the first time decision-makers can see the future of the online channel.

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The priorities become clear

The outcome of this proven process is a document that produces a high volume of recommendations for change all backed by data.

And because this process is data-driven, ROI calculations are created articulating predicted revenue lifts that can be achieved if these recommendations are applied.

These predictions are conservative and always perform better from two decades of leading this type of change.

This is how and why the priorities become clear, but those changes that activate strong ROI are always activated first.

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Why is the methodology so effective?

None of the recommendations that come from this process is "Greg's" personal views. This process is a comprehensive "Customer Listening Device".

This methodology is designed to listen intently to two groups...

  1. The business' customer (this drives retention)
  2. The target prospect or target consumer a business wants to acquire in the future (this drives acquisition)

To activate the "listening disciplines" core to this methodology requires multiple sources of data.

Some examples...

1. Google Analytics to uncover performance issues and understand "What" is happening: a quantitative data set. Greg Randall is a specialist in insight gathering in GA.

2. Consumer demand research to understand what the market wants and needs: another quantitative data set.

3. One-on-one interviews with front-line sales staff and support teams to understand the customer/consumer pain points at that moment when he/she has buying intent.

Then it's about understanding what one-to-one interactions are needed to resolve these pain points. This becomes an important qualitative data set to understand "Why" certain behaviours are happening.

4. Live chat logs, social interactions, incoming emails, incoming logged phone calls: another qualitative data set to understand "Why" certain behaviours are happening.

This perfect blend of qualitative and quantitative data sets provides clarity as to every issue, why it's happening, and what needs fixing.

Understand why direct one-on-one interviews with customers do not work.

There are two other sources of information that inform the outputs in the final document:

Business Strategy:

What does the executive team want the business to look like in the future?

Business strategy influences decision making and prioritization and this is why this document is strategic.

Every change that comes from this process aligns with the future state of the business.

eCommerce/Digital best practice:

How can all these changes be applied so they work effectively?

eCommerce/Digital best practice is the glue that binds everything together. If best practice is not embedded in all recommendations, none of the changes will come to life in a way that will add business value.

And because Greg Randall has authored 5 books on eCommerce/Digital best practices, his knowledge in how all recommended changes must be set up and structured is comprehensive.

What does the "Future Document" look like?

Once the methodology has run its course, the Executive team is handed a document that comprises two sections:

  1. An Executive Summary
  2. The Detail

Executive Summary:

This section of the document has the following characteristics...

  1. It's written in business language so the executive team has a clear understanding of every recommendation.
  2. Every recommendation is ranked by business impact and ease of implementation. This understanding of what is easy to bring to life that will drive online (and in-store) revenues is a key part in helping executive teams understand the priorities of what to invest in. And because these recommendations align to business strategy it contributes to laying down the long term foundation.
  3. Recommendations are given ROI calculations which are conservative predicted revenue increases that can be realised if the business approves the recommended changes.

The Detail:

The rest of the document is all the data, all the insights, all the uncovered issues and all the rationale needed to construct how the recommendations came about.

"Where to from here?"

Once the business receives and reads the "Future Document" they become excited because all of a sudden there is clarity: they now know what they don't know.

If the business wishes to embark on a project that brings the "Future Document" to life, Greg Randall collaborates with key people within the business and leads this change.

Greg Randall's decades of experience in eCommerce/Digital change combined with his Master's Degree in Business Change is a specialist in this crucial step. It's one challenge to see the future, but a completely different challenge to bring the future to life.

It is this ability to activate the strategic plan that sets Greg apart from all other consultants.

If you are struggling to define the future of your online channel, contact Greg now to ask your questions on how this methodology can help.

Call Greg on mobile 0477723474 or email

What others had to say

Testimonial by Catherine Scheider Omni Executive Levi's

"Greg's data-led approach, references best practice and resulted in a an actionable and comprehensive review"

Greg’s depth of knowledge and skill is obvious in his work and his skill set covers not only frontend applications but technical functionality. His approach is data-led, references best practice and resulted for our business in an in-depth and comprehensive review, that was highly actionable.

Catherine Scheider
Omni Executive Levi's
Testimonial by Jeremy Krause Chief Innovation and Disruption Officer Global Retail Brands

"Greg researches issues, articulates a plan and executes with efficiency, making him in a class of his own"

Greg is the ultimate superhero when it comes to understanding the world of e-commerce. His rigorous ability to research the issue, articulate a plan and execute with timeless efficiency makes him in a class of his own.Greg's detailed strategic review empowered the business to implement quick wins and determine a priority list to take our offering to the next level. His professionalism and global experience backed by the data, allowed us to set realistic goals measurable by a solid ROI.

Jeremy Krause
Chief Innovation and Disruption Officer Global Retail Brands
Testimonial by Bridget Harding Head of eCommerce Bed Bath & Beyond

"Greg's expertise in digital strategy and executing change is the reason why we are growing."

Greg’s ability to execute his strategic plan sets him apart from all other consultants. His comprehensive understanding of eCommerce and how eCommerce technology must operate to create amazing online experiences is why the execution of the change project is considered to be a huge success.

Bridget Harding
Head of eCommerce Bed Bath & Beyond