Greg Randall - Published Author

eCommerce Thought Leader

The benefit of working with hundreds of organisations over the last 20 years is the deep perspective of what works and what does not in eCommerce.

The result of this experience comes with it a passion and responsibility for knowledge sharing which can be seen in Greg's Articles section and the five books he has written.

Below is a summary of topics for each of the five books Greg has written.

If you are interested in getting your hands on any of the books below, reach out to Greg directly:

The 10 principles to creating amazing online experiences

The 10 principles to creating amazing online experiences

No matter what your business is, the products you sell, or who your customer is, the foundation of creating amazing online experiences is founded in 10 principles.

This book was written while working alongside the top customer experience design specialists in the world for a period of six years.

The combination of working with these specialists and analysing the data resulted in a methodology culminating in this book full of tips on how to design amazing online experiences for your customers.

4 - Book Best Practice Series on eCommerce page layouts

There is a science to being successful in eCommerce and Greg has created the bible for it.

The purpose of these books are to enable any eCommerce Manager to get ahead by applying the science of eCommerce and set a best practice foundation from which to grow from.

These four books is a mix of detailed instructions and visual examples to guide change. Retailers from around world are used as both good and bad examples.

These books breakdown best practice by device type. Scientific dynamic changes when it comes to smaller screens.

Book 1 - Homepage Best Practice

Book 1 - Homepage Best Practice

This book starts off by explaining why best practice and applying the science of eCommerce/Digital is crucial for every organization.

Learn about the "rules of engagement" when it comes to the placement, visual treatment, and the mechanical behaviours of page elements throughout the header, footer, and body of the homepage.

Understand what content must be featured on the homepage to allow consumers to start their journey on a positive note.

Learn how the best practice treatment of the homepage help consumers who become lost in the middle of their journey and come back to the homepage as a frame of reference.

And finally, learn why products should never be placed on the homepage.

Book 2 - Best Practice Main Category Page

Book 2 - Best Practice Main Category Page

Understand the importance of these pages and how they can complement one of the most common types of consumer behaviours no retailer designs for....the "back step".

Retailers are obsessed with trying to design experiences with the view consumers only move forward, however, Greg's research proves there are as many back steps as there are forward ones.

This book unpacks the mystery behind the value these pages bring to journeys that encompass both forward and backward steps.

This book also calls out those retailers who don't introduce these crucial page layouts and explains the damage they are doing by not offering these steps in a consumer's journey.

Book 3 - Best Practice Sub Category Page

Book 3 - Best Practice Sub Category Page

The sub category page layout is the most viewed eCommerce page type of them all.

The majority of consumer engagement occurs on these layouts and is literally the make or break for retailers with a high volume of products.

In a world where "endless aisles" is a common strategy, product choices for consumers continues to grow. This is a bad thing if consumers struggle to engage and intuitively refine the product selection at this stage of his/her journey.

This book takes you through the detail of this highly mechanical page full of functional elements.

This page type is also the first introduction to product content and is the entry point to merchandising for a retailer. This makes the "content recipe" at this stage of the journey crucial. Learn what the best practice "content recipe" looks like.

Book 4 - Best Practice Product Detail Page

Book 4 - Best Practice Product Detail Page

The product detail page is where all the selling magic happens.

Learn how best practice product pages should replicate the old-school infomercial that has been constructed from decades of research in motivational manipulation to prompt consumer behaviour.

Understand how this old model still works today and how product pages need to be constructed to replicate this high effective selling technique.

Learn how the product detail page has over 30 page elements all needing to work harmoniously together to achieve a single purpose: sell a single product. Learn what this "harmony" looks like across all screen types.