Magento eCommerce

Considering building a new website and wanting to use the Magento eCommerce platform?

Do you have an existing Magento website and want to lift its sales performance?

Greg Randall has strategically planned and implemented over 250 Magento website projects.

The size of Magento eCommerce projects Greg has led vary from simple community builds to highly customised Magento Enterprise projects ranging from $250k to $7 million.

Magento is your high performance race car

Magento is your high performance race car but you don't have a high performance race car driver ensure its driven to capacity.

Look at the Magento eCommerce technology as a high performance race car. Retailers are given this extremely powerful race car with the sole purpose of outperforming its competitors.

However, most retailers don't even know how to ride a bike let alone a race car.

Greg Randall is your high performance race car driver.

With great power comes great responsibility

With great power comes great responsibility

Magento's ability to power online retail is unprecedented. In order to deliver this power requires careful planning and experience in the Magento technology.

A few examples of the power:

Magento's functionality list:

Retailers take the approach of using all Magento functionality because theoretically it's free. This is not the case. There is extra cost in designing for the functionality and there are risks in over cluttering pages with functionality that adds no value to a consumer's journey.

Careful customer experience design planning calls out the functionality required to add value.

Magento’s flexibility:

Magento has an impressive ability to be highly customised and align to any and all unique business requirements.

Great care must be taken in the build of a Magento website to ensure the business needs are met, but to also maintain the integrity of the core code to ensure future upgrades of the site and version control can be easily managed.

Designing for Magento:

The look and feel of your Magento website is important, however if you partner with a creative team who does not understand the Magento eCommerce technology, the design will limit the potential of this platform’s ability to grow your digital channel.

Greg Randall works with creatives to ensure the integrity of the eCommerce technology is realised through design while still achieving the desired look and feel.

Greg Randall has seen and knows how to navigate around all the Magento challenges retailers face every day and knows how to fully maximize the potential of the Magento eCommerce technology.

Greg has strategically planned and implemented Magento eCommerce projects for some of the top brands in Australia and New Zealand.

If you need help driving the Magento eCommerce technology or are considering a new eCommerce build and want to use Magento, Greg will save you money, protect your investment, and allow the potential of your eCommerce channel to be fully realised.